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Wellness Ogarnix Massage Welcomes You!

“Our issues are in our tissues” says Yoga and Pilates instructor, Kristin McGee. I believe this to be true. With massage therapy, hand/foot reflexology, and organic facials your body will receive the most nourishing healing treatments.

I am honored to announce that

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Skin Food for your face is here!  Wellness Organic Massage is the only location in Indiana to have this amazing, raw, organic, therapeutic skin care line.   Dr. Alkaitis Raw Chocolate Facial, Berry Whip Facial and Super Hydration are now available at Wellness Organix Massage.  Try yours today.

All massage lotions, essential oils, facial products, and pain relief products are either organic or wildcrafted.



Thankfully, t
here are no parabens, pesticides, or other chemicals in the products. No harmful toxins for my customers!

I look forward to serving you.  Thank you, Melanie Herendeen, owner




Relaxation & Pain Relief  products to increase relaxation and ease soft tissue pain and soreness; organic or wildcrafted  $7 - $32


Reflexology Charts  colorful and laminated; reference charts for the hands and feet  $7


Facial Products  Dr. Alkaitis skin care is gentle and for all skin types; organic or wildcrafted  $59 - $98



Member of The Science of Massage and The Amereican Spa Network


 6431 Georgetown North Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46815 

260.418.5190  By Appointment

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Auto accident insurance and health insurance accepted with a doctor's prescription.


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