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Relaxation, Therapeutic & Medical Massage for Women





Relaxation Massage  gliding and kneading massage techniques in a flowing sequence increase circulation and relaxation using light to moderate 90/60/45/30 min  $90, $60, $45, $30  

Hot Rocks Massage  50 smooth heated volcanic stones gliding along the skin create a special treat for deep relaxation  90 min  $100        



Pregnancy Massage  a nurturing relaxation massage specifically designed for pregnancy to ease aches and pains and reduce stress  45 min  $45  



Restorative Therapy  a combination of Polarity Therapy and Reiki involve a series of body rocks, slow hand placements, and thumb pressure to reduce stress and calm the nervous system  60 min  $60






Neck & Shoulders advanced techniques on back, neck, shoulder and arms to alleviate pain and muscle tension  30 min  $30  



Therapeutic Massage  a full body massage with focus on areas of pain and tension using advanced techniques  90/60/45/30 min  $90, $60, $45, $30  



Foot Reflexology  comfortable thumb pressure on feet reflexes encourage chronic pain patterns to slip away  45/30 min  $45, $30  



Hand & Foot Reflexlogy  a unique session that combines comfortable thumb pressure of hand and foot reflexology to reduce acute and chronic pain patterns in the body   60 min  $60      


Cold Stone Migraine Therapy  cold stones on the face with contrasting hot towels on the feet, upper body massage and reflexology ease pain  60/45 min  $60, $45



Lymphatic Drainage  pumping movements around lymph nodes help move lymph out of the lymphatic system for detoxing the body  30 min  $30   Lymphatic Drainage with Relaxation Massage  60 min  $60 



Raindrop Therapy  organic Young Living essential oils are dropped along your spine like raindrops and worked into reflexes on your feet; reduces pain and boosts the immune system  60 min  $85




                                                                                                                        The following medical massages are created by a physician for pain management 



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  alleviates pain in wrists, hands, fingers caused by compression of the median nerve; gentle stretching (3 - 6 sessions recommended)  60/45 min  $60, $45 



Plantar Fasciitis  specialized massage on calves and feet along with gentle stretching alleviates pain over time (3 - 6 sessions recommended)  60/45 min  $60, $45



Rotator’s Cuff Injury  specialized massage and gentle stretching of rotator cuff muscles eliminate pain in shoulder area (3 - 6 sessions recommended)  60/45 min  $60, $45 



Sciatica Syndrome  specialized massage on the leg, gluts, and low back relieve muscles that press on the sciatic nerve; stretching (3 - 6 sessions recommended)  60/45  $60, $45



 New!  Try one of our 10 wonderful 10 Minute Add-Ons  New!

Dry Skin Brushing  aids the lymphatic system in detoxing

Hot Towels  applied to your back to relieve muscle tension and increase circulation

Hot or Cold Stones  advanced notice requested

Raindrop Oils  2 organic Young Living Raindrop Oils on your back or feet with hot towels 

Reflexology  comfortable thumb walking pressure on the reflexes on your hands or feet 

Scalp Massage  relieves tension in head, face, and neck

Face Massage & Sinus  with organic essential oils and moist heat on sinuses

Gua Sha  ancient scraping technique to increase circulation and remove toxins

Myofascial Release  gentle pressure that spreads the fascia and to release muscle constriction; no oils or lotions are used

Reiki  a simple elegant Japanese healing technique that uses slow gentle touch to bring inner stillness



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