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Massage Therapy  Relaxation, Therapeutic, or Medical Massage as needed by your body 30, 45, 60, or 90 min  $40, $55, $70, $100  (Pregnancy Massage can be substituted)  

Hot Stone Massage  smooth heated volcanic stones glide along your skin for a relaxing treat and hot stones on your back add to the comfort of this session  75 min  $95        



Raindrop Therapy  9 organic Yound Living essential oils are dropped along your spine like rain and worked into your feet, hot towels on your back; wonderful  65 min  $95 






Hand Reflexology  thumb pressure on hand reflexes encourage acute pain to slip away and forearm massage helps ease wrist and hand pain  30 min  $35


Foot Reflexology  thumb walking on foot reflexes encourage chronic pain patterns to reverse and calf massage helps ease ankle and foot pain  30 or 45 min  $35, $50



Hand & Foot Reflexology  comfortable thumb reflexology pressure on both the hands and feet ease acute and chronic pain patterns in the body  60 min  $65 






Super Food Facial  for all skin especially mature skin.  A Dr. Alkaitis organic facial featuring medicinal mushrooms, clay, camu camu, cacao, with organic honey and goat milk yogurt  60 min  $80  



Berry Whip Facial   raw living for alll skin especially sensitive and acne.  A Dr. Alkaitis organic facial featuring antioxidant rich berries mixed with honey and goat milk yogurt  60 min $80 



Weekly Hydration  repair and restore the skin on your face with Dr. Alkaitis nourishing oil massage and cellular repair mask  40 min  $55






Cold Stones  on face, hot towels on feet, reflexology, and upper back and shoulder massage; revives and eases migraines and upper body congestion  15 min  $15



Hot Stones  smooth hot stones glide along your muscles for relaxation; hot stones are also placed on your back for extra warmth  10 min  $10 



Lymphatic Drainage  pumping movements around lymph nodes help move lymph for detoxing; dry skin brushing for extra effects  10 min  $10 



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